Tugas untuk kelas 7 A, B, C dan D Edisi bulan Romadhon

Tugas kelas 7 A, B, C dan D    Edisi bulan romadhon Tugas   : 1. Apa yang dimaksud dengan puasa?                2. Bagaimana hukumnya dan terdapat dalam Al-Quran Surat apa da ayat berapa?
Rabu 8 April 2020 Tugas kelas 7C Complete the sentences with the words provided (Lengkapi kalimat kalimat ini dengan kata kata yang tersdia) 1.        We need some   .   .   .   to write on the blackboard. 2.        I need a broom to sweep the . . . 3.        We need a . . .   to clean the blackboard. 4.        Don’t forget to turn off the . . . before leaving the room. 5.        I go to a library to read .   . . 6.        I need a . . .   I want to study Geography. 7.        We need a . . .   to make lines. 8.        I keep my stationary in my . . . 9.        Close the . . . please. It’s windy. 10.     I hang some pictures on the . . . a.         Map     b. rubber     c. duster     d. pen     e.. desk     f. wall     g. window      .h. pencil      i. ruler      j. door k.         School bag       l. dictionary       m. chalk       n. blackboard    o. lamp       p. book      q. cupboard r.         Pencil case      s. clock       t. floor.
Rabu, 8 April 2020 Tugas kelas 8B Buatlah Himbauan yang berkenaan dengan bahaya virus corona dlm bahassa Inggris. Misalnya : 1. Cuci tanganmu setiap saat untuk menghindari virus corona!                   2. Biasakan menjaga kebersihan untuk mencegah virus corona!                   3. Dan sebagainya......2 kalimat diatas hanya sebagai contoh. NB. Kalian hanya membuat 1 kalimat himauan saja.
Selasa, 7 April  2020 Tugas untuk kelas 8D, 8C, dan 8A It was a bunch of “firsts” for me on my most recent trip to Lombok.          First, I   . . . (1) on the new Garuda flight which just started operating two days earlier. The plane was full and the staff barely had enough time to . . .   (2) everyone with a boxed drink before we began our descent.          Then I stayed at a different hotel. Usually I settled in a hotel in Mataram town but this time I was going to stay at the beach. ( I thought I was going to have some extra time to take walks along the beach.)          And finally I didn’t just meet teachers and conduct a workshop but I interviewed some . . .   (3) and met their cows! I think this is the first time I time I did an   interview in a cowshed! a.         Flying          b. flown        c. flies         d. flew       e. serves      f. serve       g. serving      h. served        i. famers        j.          j.  Garuda staff      k. flight attendant
Sabtu, 4 April 2020 Kelas 8D dan kelas 8C Buatlah 5 kalimat yang menyatakan perbuatan atau kegiatan apa saja yang sudah lampau.
Jum'at 3 April 2020 Tugas untuk kelas 7D Lengkapi kalimat ini dengan kata kata yang tersedia. 1. I brush my teeth by ..... 2. If we do not know the meaning of the word we can look for on the . . . 3. What do you say if you meet the teacher at 9.00 a.m..... 4. We have to .... before eating. 5. ...... is a thing to clean the floor. a. broom b. toothbrush c. wash d. Good morning e. dictionary